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Ramesh Chandra

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  • Area 9 DRD, Pune, 0
  • Teaches (Nursery Level) All Subject, (Grade I-V) All Subject, (Grade VI-VIII) All Subject, (Grade IX-X) All Subject, (Grade IX-X) Mathematics, (Grade XI-XII) Chemistry and Biology, (Grade XI-XII) Physics and Math, (Grade XI-XII) Physics,Chemistry and Biology, (Grade XI-XII) Physics,Chemistry, (Grade XI-XII) Physics,Chemistry and Math, (Grade XI-XII) Physics, (Grade XI-XII) Chemistry, (Grade XI-XII) Biology, (Grade XI-XII) Mathematics, (Grade XI-XII) Botany, (Grade XI-XII) Zoology, (Grade XI-XII) History, (Grade XI-XII) Civics, (Grade XI-XII) Geography, (Grade XI-XII) Geology, (Grade XI-XII) Sociology, (Grade XI-XII) Commerce, (Grade XI-XII) Economics, (Grade XI-XII) Psychology, (Grade XI-XII) Political Science, (Grade XI-XII) Home Science, (Grade XI-XII) Computer Science, (Grade XI-XII) Accounts, (Grade XI-XII) C And C++ Language, (Grade XI-XII) Java Language, (Grade XI-XII) Asp.Net, (Grade XI-XII) Business Studies, (Grade XI-XII) Programing, (Grade XI-XII) Biotechnology, (Grade XI-XII) Business Mathematics, (Grade XI-XII) Cost Accounting, (Grade XI-XII) Philosophy, (Grade XI-XII) Statistics, (Grade XI-XII) Multimedia And Web Designing, (Grade XI-XII) Information Practice, (Grade XI-XII) English, (Grade XI-XII) Grammar, (Grade XI-XII) Hindi Grammar, (Grade XI-XII) GK, (Grade XI-XII) Hindi, (Grade XI-XII) Spoken English, (Grade XI-XII) Art and Creativity, (Grade XI-XII) Drawing, (Grade XI-XII) French, (Grade XI-XII) German, (Grade XI-XII) Computer Basics, (Language) French, (Language) German, (Language) Marathi, (Language) Sanskrit, (B.Tech/B.E.) Antenna and Propagation, (B.Tech/B.E.) Applied Chemistry, (B.Tech/B.E.) Applied Math, (B.Tech/B.E.) Applied Mechanics, (B.Tech/B.E.) Applied Physics, (B.Tech/B.E.) C/C++ , (B.Tech/B.E.) Chemical Engineering, (B.Tech/B.E.) Chemistry, (B.Tech/B.E.) Circuit and System, (B.Tech/B.E.) Circuit Theory, (B.Tech/B.E.) Civil Engineering, (B.Tech/B.E.) Communication System, (B.Tech/B.E.) Computer Science(CSE), (B.Tech/B.E.) Computer/IT, (B.Tech/B.E.) Consumer Electronics, (B.Tech/B.E.) Control System, (B.Tech/B.E.) Data Structure, (B.Tech/B.E.) Data WareHouse, (B.Tech/B.E.) Electrical engineering, (B.Tech/B.E.) Electrical mechanics, (B.Tech/B.E.) Electronics(ECE), (B.Tech/B.E.) Engineering Drawing, (B.Tech/B.E.) Filetr Design, (B.Tech/B.E.) Humanity, (B.Tech/B.E.) Industrial engineering, (B.Tech/B.E.) Java language, (B.Tech/B.E.) Mathematics, (B.Tech/B.E.) Mechnical engneering, (B.Tech/B.E.) Microprocessor, (B.Tech/B.E.) Other, (B.Tech/B.E.) Physics, (B.Tech/B.E.) Project, (B.Tech/B.E.) Workshop, (Competative Exam) Accounts, (Competative Exam) AIEEE , (Competative Exam) AIPMT, (Competative Exam) BANK Clerk, (Competative Exam) BANK PO, (Competative Exam) BBA Entrance Exam, (Competative Exam) Botany, (Competative Exam) CA Entrance Exam, (Competative Exam) CAT, (Competative Exam) CDS, (Competative Exam) CET, (Competative Exam) Civics, (Competative Exam) Commerce, (Competative Exam) Data Interpretation, (Competative Exam) Economics, (Competative Exam) Engineering Entrance Exam, (Competative Exam) Foreign education Exam, (Competative Exam) GATE, (Competative Exam) Geography, (Competative Exam) Geology, (Competative Exam) GMAT, (Competative Exam) GRE, (Competative Exam) History, (Competative Exam) IAS, (Competative Exam) IIT JEE , (Competative Exam) JEE, (Competative Exam) SAT.
  • Free Demo Yes
  • Time of Availability Morning
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  • Languages Known English,Hindi,
  • Teaching Experience 132 Months

I am B.Tech qualified 11 Years experience teacher

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