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vamshi krishna

MTech in Computer Science

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  • Teaches (B.Tech/B.E.) C/C++ , (B.Tech/B.E.) Computer Science(CSE), (B.Tech/B.E.) Computer/IT, (B.Tech/B.E.) Data Structure, (B.Tech/B.E.) Project, (M.Tech/M.E.) Algorithms & Algorithmic Complexicity, (Competative Exam) Computer Science, (BCA/MCA) Computer mathematical foundation, (BCA/MCA) Data Structure, (BCA/MCA) Internet Applications and Java, (BCA/MCA) Math Discrete, (BCA/MCA) OOPS in C++, (BCA/MCA) Programing in C, (BSc.IT/MSc.IT) Advanced Java, (BSc.IT/MSc.IT) C++ & Data Structure, (BSc.IT/MSc.IT) Programing In C++, (IT Software) C Language, (IT Software) C++ Language, (IT Software) Core java, (IT Software) Java language, Other.
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  • Teaching Experience 12 Years

Programming Language is as natural and beautiful as a spoken language.

Beauty of poetry/prose lies not just in grammar, but mostly in presenter's perceptions.

I feel the same with programming.

I feel that programming is not just learning syntax. It's about how we map our perceptions using the constructs provided in a particuar programming language.

Programming is all about automating Real-World phenomena.

Looking forward to meet inquisitive students.

I am working as a professor of computer science and have been teaching programming for the last 12 years. Teaching is my passion and especially I love teaching programming.

I taught around 40 batches programming in C, C++ and Java (Each batch consists of 60 students).

I would like to meet students who are really passionate about learning the deep secrets of programming.


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