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Pushpinder Kaur

Master of Arts in English, Master of Philosophy in English

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  • Area Vidhansadan, Chandigarh, 6031
  • Teaches (Grade XI-XII) English.
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  • Languages Known English,
  • Teaching Experience 30 Months

In the capacity of Senior Teacher for English Language and Literature, I rendered my teaching skills to Senior Students preparing for the Board Exams following GCE, GCSE9-1, IGCSE INDIA, IB and AQA Syllabus. Holding a wealth of fifteen years of formal teaching experience and fifteen years as self-emplyed, I aim to provide enjoyable and interactive learning in the areas of Language Enhancement and the Understanding of Literary Texts in different genres by different writers. Abundant use of Interactive White Board in the Classrooms, Powerpoint Presentations and Slideshows, in addition to recourse to the use of varied media has been my forte. I also hold a longstanding experience in preparing students for TOEFL, SAT and IELTS. Skilled at training students for Dramatics, Inter-School Debates and Poetry Writing Competitions, I specialise in offering my expertise to improve writing as well as oral skills. Above all, my prime aim is to encourage the students to feel passionate about the subjects and to rekindle in them the genuine desire to learn.

I worked for 15 years, teaching the Edexcel GCSE Syllabus at the O Levels. Obtaining excellent results achieved through a proficient follow up of the Coursework and Projects, I enjoyed a wonderful and easy accessibility with all my students. In the initial years of my teaching career, there being not much usage of the software in the classroom teaching at that time, the solely direct interaction between the Teacher and the students, cultivated a special rapport. In addition to imparting justice to all the essentials of the Language counterparts of the syllabus, equal justice was meted out in the field of Literature with relation to all different genres and forms of writing. However, alongside the changing trends in Teaching, I acquired all the skills to provide VAK learning, comprising of all forms of interactive teaching for a comprehensive acquisition of knowledge by the students, in addition to encouraging the development of genuine interest in the subjects. Online teaching is an excellent means of interactive learning at a minimal cost and expenditure of time, energy and money.

Providing the highest standard of teaching of English to the Higher Levels including University Level; guiding students for the highest level of examination performance following any Syllabus. Most experienced guidance in the training for the enhancement of English Proficiency, including the Writing and the Oral skills.  An encouraging attitude that motivates students for high level achievement.

Holding the degrees of Master of Philosophy and a Master of Arts in English, a wealth of 30 yea

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