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  • Area Manovikasnagar, Hyderabad, Hyderabad
  • Teaches (Grade XI-XII) Physics.
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  • Teaching Experience 20 Months

Tutoring xi,xii graders. I teach online on skype or at my home. Concept oriented teaching.  Physics is emphasized in solving problems to find answers without getting into complex math. make the student appreciate the beauty of physics and symmetry in finding solutions to complex problems. Example in Xii grade cbse topic on wheatstone bridge uses Kirchoff,s laws which is not neccessary. An understanding of potential difference is enough to get the equation for resistance.

Feel free to contact for a free session on topic of your difficulty in xi, xii Physics. For Pre Med students  subject will be dealt without calculus.

Example. Energy stored in a capacitor requires integration in CBSE , this can be arrived without using integration. I will try to find alternative easy to understand explanations for most of the topics depending on the difficulry of the student.

Formerly Scientist , Government of India. Visiting faculty , IIIT.    MSc(BITS).

passionate about physics, Changed over from Engineering course to Physics. pursuing study of physics to simplify the explanations to make physics interesting  to  students by removing fear of physics.

Authored textbook solutions for  Chegg USA.

Expert on Q&A board Chegg India.

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