Tutors99.com is the best platform for Tutors, Students and Software professionals. It will act as bridge between Tutors and Students. In future we are planning to enrich Tutors99.com with complete list of important Software Tutorials , Interview Questions and Answers and Upcoming Exams.

Tutors99.com is fully Automated online platform for Tutors and Students. Currently it is catering the needs of thousands of Students and Tutors in popular cities of USA, UK  and INDIA  .We provide many types of services like  Online tutoring, Home Tutoring, Home work help, Math help, algebra help , Assignment help, Free tutoring and tutor jobs etc. 

Tutors99.com will have full list of major software Technology Tutorials like Hadoop Tutorials, Informatica Tutorial, Selenium Tutorial, Java Tutorial, Web Design Tutorial etc. Our Tutorials content writers Team are those software professional who are working in renowned IT Companies like TCS, CTS, Infosys, IBM , Dell , HCl etc.  After working for long time in same company people wants to change their Job, for fulfilling this requirement we are planning to enrich our Site with Important collection of interview questions with clear explanations.

Now a day’s parents are not having enough time for their children to take care for their educational activities like Homework Help, Math help, Algebra help, Assignment help, Online tutoring and Tutor jobs. For filling this Gap we have developed such kind of platform, so that parents or Students can post their requirement with easy user friendly web applications. After posting the requirement of students eligible Tutor will give call back to Students. Students and Tutors will schedule the Demo class. In most of the time Demo class should be free of cost but it’s finally depends upon Tutor. After demo class students can decide that they have to move forward with this Tutor or not. If Students are not get satisfied with demo class tutor then students can schedule for next demo class with different tutor. By this way students can find out best tutor as per their requirements. Once Tutor get selected by Students then they can discuss for Fee and Payments plan . Fee and Payments negotiations will be carried out only by two parties, Tutors99.com will not have any role in this procedure.

We are here to help you in finding right tutors as per your actual requirement. We are having largest database collection of home tutors, Software Trainer in USA, UK and INDIA. We refer experienced, qualified, professional, male and female tutors for all classes and subjects which can change the life of the students. 

Tutors99.com team will always try their best to provide highly qualified tutor for their respected students .Tutors may have to go through some screening round of interview by Tutors99.com team if required. Screening is not compulsory for all tutors but for filtering the best qualified tutor we may request our tutor to go through such kinds of screening test. Students can do the rating of Tutors and vice versa after one assignment.  Tutors and students can write testimonials to Admin and can receive extra credits in their account.

After Registration Tutors and Students will have separate admin panel . within that they can do their setting as per requirements like tutors can Select/Edit interested subjects to teach, Select/Edit interested locations to teach , can receive call back request, Teaching type Management (can select/edit type of tutor like Home tutor, Online tutor etc), Package Management, List available packages with discount coupon, View subscribed package with bonus points, Leads, View all leads, Premium leads, Free leads, Unregistered leads, Approve or block student reviews (upon approval, student and tutor will get free credits as admin mentioned and those will be displayed in tutor profile) , Subscription history, Profile settings, Communication Management, Beautiful dashboard, new messages, posts notification count, graphical and list of leads displayed related to tutor preferences. In the same way Students will have features like Post requirement, Close posted requirement after tutor found, Search tutor, Lists the tutors with abstract information, the student can send messages, request callbacks, Student can add tutor to his watch list for quick reference, Can view his total profile with Google map pointer and comments, Messaging system, Packages, List Packages, View Current subscriptions and bonus points, Tutor Watch List. Can view the list of tutors student added to his watch list for quick reference, Profile Settings, Reports for subscription history etc. we are planning to add more features to our application so that it can fulfill all the requirements of students and tutors.

We are looking forward for a long term relationship with you and your ward. Give us an opportunity to serve you.

Regards, Tutors99.comTeam